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Huntington KB61 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Black

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The Huntington KB61 is a hihgly affordable 61-key electronic keyboard, perfect for beginners in that it gives you fun 100 rhythms and 100 quality voices to enjoy. It has 61 standard piano keys and and teaching-type keyboard with A and B guides to help you work on your skills. There's 8 built-in stereo famous demo songs which are fun to learn. You also get to toy with rhythm with 8 Panel Drum Presets. The keyboard also has a Single Chord Function, Finger Chord Function with Start/Stop with Sync to help give you easy accompaniment. Other features include 8-note plolyphony, 32 tempo settings, main volume control as well as rhythm chord volume controls. A 1/4" output jack and stereo RCA output jacks allow you to hook up to other stereo systems for more sound or to record.


61 standard piano keys
100 rhythms
100 voices
32 tempo settings
16 volume levels
8 panel drum presets
8 rhythm cord volume levels
8 stereo demo songs
Teaching-type keyboard with A and B guides
LED display
Single Chord function
Finger Chord function
Transposition function
Start/Stop with Sync
Fill-In function
Sustain and Vibrato
1/8" output jack